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Single Blog Post

Booking Module Launched and Services Update

  • Ankit Mirani |
  • Transporter |
  • 18/05/2020

We have launched an Online Transport Booking Service with Bidding module which is first in India. Book anything Trailer (Container) / Truck / Tempo....




Services :-

1.Free Registration

2.Bidding Module (First In India) which is a revolutionary idea for transport , transparent pricing will give you the option to choose the best price for your movement. 

3.Freight / Trip History with Download option

4.Digital Lorry Receipt (paperless documentation for transport)

5.Digital Billing and Payment record for Freight

6.Analysis of Freight which can save transport cost from 5% to 20%*.

7.Rating for Transporter and Clients 

8.Vehicle Status track, Driver Contact details

9.Search Vehicle ownership for Free 


And many more coming.....


All the Above services are free for One year, after that There will be no charges up to 100 Trips per month lifetime.



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